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ISO 14641 on Electronic Archiving

A data EAS comprises a series of hardware, software, and IT processes that control information capture and classification, guaranteeing long-term document accessibility and integrity.

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What should an EAS technology infrastructure look like?

Electronic documents are an essential part of everyday business, whether the sources are incoming communications or output from organizations. It is important that electronic documents be stored appropriately in secure information systems designed for operations and archiving, in order to meet business, legal, or regulatory requirements.

There are also local regulations on the way to preserve documents in digital formats. These regulations are usually more closely related to specific document types (payrolls, invoices, contracts, etc.) and electronic rules and procedures which must provide document security and integrity.

However, at a general level and with an international scope on digital storage policies we find the ISO 14641-1 standard on Electronic Archiving. This regulation defines the specifications for the design and operation of an information system for digital information preservation.

The ISO 14641-1 standard states that the major objectives a secure information system must meet are:

Optimization of long-term electronic document preservation, archiving and integrity.

Provision of information search facilities.

Ensuring ease of access and use of electronic documents.

An electronic archiving system guaranteeing document security, integrity, and accessibility must follow the technical specifications and requirement levels set as standards in ISO 14641-1, as this is the maximum international standard that exists regarding electronic data preservation.

The French NF Z42-013 standard, origin of the ISO 14641-1

The NF Z42-013 standard lays down a set of specifications on the technical and organizational measures that will be implemented to log, store, and return electronic documents and ensure their preservation and integrity.

The NF Z42-013 standard is held in such high consideration that AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation), which defined it, took it to the ISO international organization so it could be adopted as an international standard valid for any storage service. This reverse transposition resulted in the ISO 14641-1 international standard.

The French NF Z42-013 standard, origin of the ISO 14641-1

The workings of an EAS under the ISO 14641-1 standard

The ISO 14641-1 specifications are intended to ensure that all documents to be managed by the information system are captured, stored, retrieved, and accessed in a way that guarantees the integrity of the archived document and provides it with a legal probe value.

The workings of an EAS under the ISO 14641-1 standard

Control of the data capture process to streamline it and above all provide it with high security measures. Procedures checking the metadata that enable correct document indexing and classification are included in this process.


System and document audit-trail integrity. For this very important point, which provides documents with probative value, ISO 14641-1 introduces the need to establish electronic encryption procedures that guarantee long-term document integrity, such as an electronic seal or electronic time stamp. Also, the same security mechanisms must be applied to the events that take place concerning the documents. In other words, they are archived in the same conditions as the related documents, otherwise the audit would not be complete.


User accessibility to the system. An electronic archiving system in accordance with ISO 14641-1 must always contain the secure technical procedures to facilitate access to system customers and users.
The ISO refers especially to access security terms. However, in many cases this accessibility to the storage service must be upheld over time in an uninterrupted fashion, with no power failures or technical cracks.

We have the electronic archiving solution your company needs
We have the electronic archiving solution your company needs

The EDICOMLta solution has been developed to enhance the user experience with a highly visual design that adapts to different devices. We present a functional design that can be personalized to adapt to each company’s information classification and organization requirements.

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