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Qualified Trust Service Provider - eIDAS

EDICOM is a Qualified Trust Service Provider certified by the eIDAS European Regulation to provide qualified services that deliver maximum security and legal certainty to electronic documents across the whole of Europe

Qualified Trust Service Provider - eIDAS -

It covers tech providers with the required certifications and technical capacity needed to apply trust mechanisms such as electronic signatures, seals, time stamps, etc. to electronic documents.

Trust service providers may be qualified or not. The main difference between them is that qualified providers have met a series of requirements and been audited by a national and European-level supervisory body to perform this activity. It also explains why they provide greater legal and technical security guarantees in electronic transactions than unqualified providers do.

For companies that engage in electronic transactions with other companies or the public sector and involving the exchange of sensitive or confidential information, having a qualified trust service provider certifies that the transaction will be reliable and secure.

However, one of the main advantages of an electronic archiving system provided by a qualified trust service provider is the legal validity it awards documents.

Reversal of burden of proof

EDICOM Long Term Archiving provides documents with legal and juridical validity, awarding them the category of reversal of burden of proof before third parties within the framework of the European Union.

Burden of proof is the procedural obligation concerning the duty to prove a fact. The party with burden of proof is the one that must demonstrate noncompliance with the Law. This is called Onus Probandi and is based on the person (A) involving another person (B) in the audit of a legal noncompliance having to prove it.
In the legal arena, “reversal of burden of proof” is when the respondent has to demonstrate a fact.

Which qualified trust services does EDICOM offer?

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, EDICOM offers companies electronic data transfer and electronic document storage solutions that comply with Regulation 910/2014.

This enables it to issue companies with electronically stored documents with the electronic evidence needed to guarantee their long-term integrity.

By virtue of this certification, EDICOM provides the following qualified trust services:

Issue of qualified electronic signature/seal certificates.

Qualified electronic signature/seal validation service.

Qualified electronic signature/seal preservation qualified service.

Remote creation of qualified electronic signatures/seals.

Qualified electronic time stamp generation service.

Qualified electronic seal preservation qualified service

The preservation of qualified electronic seals involves an integrity guarantee with a greater reach than a digital fingerprint (electronic seal) attached to a document. This preservation guarantees the durability and reliability of the integrity mark represented by the qualified electronic seal.

Preservation is achieved through a qualified electronic seal reassurance mechanism based on the application of a qualified time stamp. The electronic time stamp makes it possible to guarantee the precise date and time the seal was renewed and therefore determine data integrity over time.

EDICOM’s electronic archiving system (EDICOMLta) guarantees long-term electronic archiving thanks to the reliable qualified electronic seal preservation service vouchsafed by the eIDAS Regulation.

Qualified electronic seal preservation qualified service
Discovering EDICOMLta: Smart information organization

Introducing EDICOM Long Term Archiving, an electronic arvhiving system that guarantees document integrity, providing your documents with legal value.
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EDICOMLta allows downloading the electronic evidence of a document that shows its integrity over time, giving it the value of legal proof. A piece of proof, or evidence is a file with unaltered information about a document's activity

Discovering EDICOMLta: The experts talk

Our experts explain what a long-term archiving service is and how it can benefit companies EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long-Term Archiving) is the long-term safekeeping service offered by EDICOM as a qualified trust services provider.

Learn more about qualified trust services

In addition to the creation of trusted lists, the eIDAS Regulation includes another element to certify the qualification of providers and their services. This is the EU qualified services seal of approval. With this label, providers can clearly identify duly accredited trust services.

We can identify the following qualified trust services under the umbrella of Regulation 910/2014:


Qualified Electronic Signature:
The advanced electronic signature created via a qualified electronic signature creation device and based on a qualified electronic signature certificate. A qualified electronic signature is the only one with legal equivalence to a handwritten signature and the same validity across the whole of the European Union.


Qualified Electronic Seal:
The electronic seal is another electronic notary system that functions in a similar fashion to the physical seal used on paper documents. It is used to guarantee the integrity of electronic documents. Electronic seals are addressed under section 5 of Regulation 910/2014. The Regulation establishes they should be admitted as legal proof in court procedures.


Electronic time stamp:
The electronic time stamp is used to show that a series of data have existed and have not been altered since a particular time.
With an electronic time stamp, the qualified trust service provider (eIDAS) acts as a third party testifying to the existence of particular electronic data at a given date and time.


Qualified registered electronic delivery service (eDelivery):
The qualified registered electronic delivery service makes it possible to transfer data between third parties by electronic means and provides related evidence with transmitted data management. It includes the data delivery and reception date which protects transmitted information against the risks of loss, robbery, deterioration, or unauthorized alteration.

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