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EDICOM is a Trust Service Provider accredited by the FNTC

EDICOM has developed a robust, advanced data-encryption technology infrastructure that contributes to the creation of a secure and reliable digital environment. That’s why our electronic data interchange and long-term electronic storage solutions are recognized by the Federation des Tiers de Confiance du Numérique (FNTC).

The figure of the Trust Service Provider

A trust service provider is a company which uses electronic certification services like electronic signatures to guarantee the long-term integrity of an electronic document.

A trust service provider should ideally deliver on three requirements:


It should be duly certified and recognized by the competent administrations as a trust service provider for services such as electronic certification. It is also a very good idea for the accreditation to allow it to extend its trust services with a lawfulness guarantee at the European and even international level.


It must have the proven technological capacity to be able to offer proprietary software that makes it possible to process documents securely. It does this by applying cryptographic mechanisms that give electronic documents integrity and authenticity. The capacity for adaptation of the software developed by a trust service provider for a company’s applications is an important aspect in facilitating management process automation.


A trust service provider must have developed the infrastructure and technological capacity to provide electronic trust services. That means having the physical and logical hardware structure that guarantees service availability and security without power outages.
A high-availability model must be based on the redundancy of any part or service through various data centers located in different facilities but operating in a synchronized fashion.

EDICOM Trusted Third Party
Member of the FNTC (Fédération des tiers de confiance du numérique).

EDICOM is an active member of the FNTC (Fédération des tiers de confiance du numérique), participating in working groups with the main players in the digitalization and e-archiving sector in France.

Our international experience in the rollout of B2B2G projects for transfer and custody of electronic data enables us to provide a global vision that favours evolution of the sector.

Electronic document preservation by a Tiers archiveur (Third Party Archiver)

We know that electronic storage is a cornerstone of the zero paper process established in corporate digitalization policies. Companies can choose to store electronic documents on their own infrastructure, but it will be hard for them to comply with the integrity guarantees the law requires regarding electronic data preservation.

The safest and most cost-advantageous option, given the savings involved with externalizing resources, is to use a Tiers archiveur (Third Party Archiver). This certified provider must apply digital storage laws and ensure document confidentiality and secure access at all times. This means that a third party archiver processes electronic documents in such a way that the electronic archiving system provides:

Integrity to documents.

Traceability to documents and evidence.

Authenticity to documents.

Availability of documents.

Probative value of documents.


A technology provider authorized by an organization that takes charge of electronic document archiving processes by applying dating, certification, and preservation actions that guarantee document integrity.

Probative value of electronic documents

One of the principal values of an electronic archiving system authorized by a trust service provider is the probative value of documents in any possible confrontation with a third party or possible dispute.


An electronic seal and electronic time stamp provide integrity and authenticity guarantees in a data retention system.

They are the guarantees needed for the system and stored documents to have probative value. The entire process involves protecting electronic documents with a system that guarantees two conditions permanently over time. The integrity which certifies the non-alteration of documents during the time they are held, and the authenticity that identifies the natural or legal person as the author of a document.

Systems like advanced electronic signature, electronic seals, and electronic time stamps establish encryption procedures for documents that make it possible to ensure the source of the document and that it was not altered after it was generated.

Probative value of electronic documents
Discovering EDICOMLta: Smart information organization

Introducing EDICOM Long Term Archiving, an electronic arvhiving system that guarantees document integrity, providing your documents with legal value.
During this video, we review the main functionalities offered by EDICOMLta to organize and customize access to information.

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Discovering EDICOMLta: The legal auditing of a document

EDICOMLta allows downloading the electronic evidence of a document that shows its integrity over time, giving it the value of legal proof. A piece of proof, or evidence is a file with unaltered information about a document's activity

Discovering EDICOMLta: The experts talk

Our experts explain what a long-term archiving service is and how it can benefit companies EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long-Term Archiving) is the long-term safekeeping service offered by EDICOM as a qualified trust services provider.

Key points of electronic storage with probative value

Large enterprises in all industrial sectors run their daily operations in an almost totally digital environment. Old-school practices linked with non-electronic working systems are rapidly disappearing from the business environment, and corporate efficiency management policies now hinge around paperless working environments, where aspects such as long-term electronic archiving of all documents bring an important added value.

Document lawfulness and availability must be guaranteed to demonstrate probative value. If required by third parties or in a dispute, parties can demand that electronic documents and evidence be read. The digital object storage component must therefore generate an audit file in a standard format that can be interpreted by any computer system and be easily made available to users.

Electronic document authentication is based on identifying the person who originally produced the document. Documents are authenticated using long-term electronic signature mechanisms.

Time stamping guarantees long-time archive integrity. These types of cryptographic dating protocols can be applied to a document's electronic seal on a recurrent basis, attesting to the fact that the document exists and has not undergone any modifications from when the first seal was applied.

EDICOM, Trust Service Provider across the whole of Europe

As an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider, EDICOM provides the following services:

Qualified electronic seal.
Qualified electronic seal.
Qualified electronic time stamp.
Electronic seal preservation.

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