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Long Term Archiving Glossary

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Key terms for familiarizing yourself with electronic data archiving processes

Providing easy access. In this case, quick and easy access to archived documents. Archives are safeguarded on the platform on the basis of metadata that makes it possible to identify and establish a hierarchy between them, facilitating subsequent document checking or retrieval.

French regulation on electronic archiving with probative value. This regulation covers a series of provisions concerning the technical and organizational measures to be followed so that electronic archiving can give documents probative value, i.e., make them admissible before a third party or Authorities.

The auditing of a document is the legal proof guaranteeing document integrity and authenticity. It is what a company needs if it has to guarantee document integrity before a legal body.

Electronic archiving refers to the safekeeping of hierarchically indexed documents with integrity guarantees that demonstrate that the data has not been modified since it was archived and giving it probative value before third parties.

The EDICOM Certified Archiving service is an online mechanism that makes it possible to archive electronic documents for long time periods, preserving the authenticity and integrity characteristics that the original deposited in the system in the first place had at all times. The service seals the document by including a time stamp and inserts it in the repository for preservation and subsequent consultation, viewing, and verification at any time.

Evidence is generated throughout the document archiving period in accordance with the events that occur in relation to the document during this time. The body of evidence, together with other information, will conform the audit or legal proof to guarantee document integrity and authenticity. Following the specifications of the ISO14641 standard, a body of evidence associated with the document at system level will also be created.

An Electronic Archiving System (EAS) is a software program, usually on the cloud, that offers data protection tools. It responds to a company's need to keep data and provides information archiving and management solutions kept safe in a unique digital space, available to all users registered in the system.

The data archived in an electronic archiving service must be able to remain unaltered for the time needed. A long-term electronic archiving system responds to a data retention logic under a number of technical criteria regulated by laws applicable across all the countries in Europe. The documents must be reassured frequently.

Thanks to the mechanisms applied to document archiving, documentary evidence is generated that guarantees integrity. The body of evidence, together with other information, will conform the audit or legal proof to guarantee document integrity and authenticity.

A qualified trust service that regulates how electronic stamps should be preserved to extend the integrity of an electronic document in the long term.

This is an advanced electronic signature created via a qualified electronic signature creation device and based on a qualified electronic signature certificate.

A company that provides one or various qualified trust services and to which the supervisory body has awarded the classification. EDICOM acts as a qualified trust service provider, giving documents and files legal and juridical validity and awarding them the category of burden of proof before third parties within the framework of the European Union.

These are trust services that comply with the applicable requirements established in Regulation No 910/2014. That’s why they are services that receive the presumption of authenticity and reinforced legal effectiveness.

An electronic time stamp linking a date and time to data in such a way that the data cannot be modified without this being detected, based on a temporary information source related to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and which has been signed/sealed via an advanced electronic signature/seal by a qualified Trust Service Provider.

According to article 1379, a reliable copy is one with the same probative value as the original.

EU Regulation 910/2014 sets out the security mechanisms concerning electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market. The regulation, known as eIDAS, has been implemented since 1 July 2016.

Zero paper refers to replacing the use of paper in a company with electronic and digital processes.

The General Data Protection Regulation harmonizes the protection of natural persons with regard to personal data processing and the free circulation of this data. It replaces Directive 95/46/EC and has been implemented since 25 May 2018.

Content integrity is understood to mean that the content required pursuant to this Directive has not been modified. EDICOMLta guarantees integrity “per se” and can therefore provide legal proof with full validity in any case.

This ISO standard establishes the specifications for the design and operation of an information system for digital information preservation.

The concept of metadata refers to data that speak to data, i.e., that describe archive content or information.

The time stamp is a method for proving that a dataset existed prior to a given time and that none of the data has been modified since. The qualified time stamp brings added value to the use of the digital signature.

EDICOM is a qualified trust service provider according to the eIDAS Regulation, meaning it has passed a series of requirements and has been audited by a European and national supervisory body.

The term refers to the possibility of logging and identifying a process status from production through to finalization. In other words, obtaining a guaranteed monitoring of the statuses a process has passed through.

To preserve the legal conditions of documents and files processed under the qualified trust services umbrella, you need an electronic archiving system that can preserve the electronic signatures, seals, and certificates related to the safeguarded data or documents for the long term.

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In an increasingly digital Europe, citizens, companies, and the public sector need a regulatory framework that brings security and legal certainty to electronic activities. These security mechanisms are set forth in Regulation No 910/2014, known as eIDAS. This new regulation brackets electronic documents in the same category as traditional paper ones. It also stresses that to preserve them for the long term it is necessary to have a certified and trusted document safekeeping system.

In this White Paper, we present the new qualified trust services, emphasizing electronic document safekeeping services.


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