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A qualified trust service provider certified under the eIDAS Regulation guarantees, with the application of the qualified e-seal qualified preservation service, that the integrity and authenticity of documents stored are respected over time and awards documents burden of proof before third parties.

The eIDAS Regulation ensures that: “A qualified preservation service for qualified electronic signatures may only be provided by a qualified trust service provider that uses procedures and technologies capable of extending the trustworthiness of the qualified electronic signature beyond the technological validity period”.

EDICOM is a qualified trust service provider certified for the following services:

• Qualified e-signature certificate
• Qualified e-seal certificate
• Qualified e-seal qualified preservation
• Qualified time seal

It is advisable to have an electronic archiving system designed under international and local data security and processing standards that guarantee data validity before any legal or third-party demand.
EDICOMLta is designed on the basis of the ISO 14641 electronic archiving standard. This standard details the specifications for the design and operation of an information system for the preservation of digital information.

EDICOMLta allows the archiving of any type of document and archive, applying identification, digital signature, and electronic time stamping methods regulated under eIDAS to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of the safeguarded archive over the long term. You can archive such diverse documents as contracts in PDF format, invoices in XML, delivery notes in JPG, orders in EDIFACT, mortgages in PDF, deeds or mp4 videos of a security firm and even mp3 recordings.
Invoices, VAT books, contracts, pay slips, sales reports, orders, videos, images, sound clips...whatever the archive type or format it can be safeguarded with a certified trust service provider.

Currently in Europe and for certain countries like Italy there are national regulations still in place regulating matters including electronic document storage.

EDICOMLta presently offers legal guarantees at different levels and across different spheres:

• Secure storage according to the ISO 14641 standard at the international level.
• Qualified storage service in line with the eIDAS Regulation in Europe.
• Conservazione Sostitutiva in Italy.
• Nom 151 in Mexico.

EDICOM can provide a company with an online storage service that will comply fully with GDPR requirements, available in the cloud and accessible at a global level. With the EDICOMLta solution, companies can store and protect customer databases or any other type of personal information contained in agreements, pay slips, multimedia files, invoices, and more.
Businesses with offices in Europe but customers and users in the EU whose data travel to be processed and stored in servers outside of the Union must either have an agreement under a European privacy seal or store data in GDPR-compliant solutions like EDICOMLta.

This trust service is obtained via the XAdES-LT (ISO 14641) electronic signature thanks to the use of the qualified time seal. This extends the technological trustworthiness of the electronic signature. Thanks to this trust service, EDICOMLTA offers a long-term archiving service in accordance with the European regulation.

A cloud-based file housing system should not be confused with a long-term certificate storage system. A long-term electronic storage system manages document batches, indexes them and stores them for a long time in the same way a simple file storage service could. The big difference is the integrity and authenticity guarantee showing that the data is not modified throughout that time and giving documents probative value before third parties.
That’s why a long-term electronic storage system responds to a data retention logic under a number of technical criteria regulated by laws applicable across all EU member states.

Yes, the EDICOMLta solution can be integrated with the leading ERPs on the market and automate the archive transmission and storage processes a company requires. A company can therefore keep on working with its systems as usual while the documents are automatically archived in the cloud solution with full security guarantees.

Yes. Indeed, submitting a complete archive of evidence in a trial is essential to proving document validity. In the case of a dispute requiring the supply of documents to affected third parties, a long-term electronic data storage solution provides a monitored register of the events and actions performed on the documents. For each preserved document it issues a test file containing the document, its time seal and electronic signature.

It is the value of proof that electronic storage confers upon an electronic document. It guarantees that the document is stored in its original format throughout its legal period, maintaining the integrity and inalterability of the document and being able to demonstrate this through permanent document audits.
EDICOMLta gives documents the reversal of the burden of proof. In other words, before a judicial process, the storage method obtains a presumption of trustworthiness from using qualified trust services, meaning that the opposing party must prove that the document is not complete or reliable.
Through the EDICOMLta service, companies can ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data which acquire probative value thanks to the certification process to which they are subject. The service applies the qualified trust methods of electronic signatures, seals, and time stamps provided for under the eIDAS regulation.

EDICOMLta implements a number of control mechanisms through computer evidence built in line with the ISO 14641 standard which store information on who performed what action on the document and when. Evidence is gathered throughout the document storage period according to the events that take place in this time. Additionally, and following ISO14641 standard specifications, a body of evidence associated with the document will be created at a system level to log data such as, for example, the browser, version or IP address from where a document was uploaded.
The evidence, together with other information, will conform the audit or legal proof to guarantee document integrity and authenticity.

This is data in an electronic format that relates other data in an electronic format with a specific time, proving that the latter existed at that time.

For as long as necessary. EDICOMLta storage adapts to user needs, maintaining document integrity at all times thanks to the security levels added to the document file over time.
If I need to archive confidential documents, how can I ensure the tool that means nobody else will have access to them?

This is vitally important, which is why the solution has been designed considering the parameterization of who can access what document. The level of access to any document can vary from all to a single user or group of users having access. Organizational units that make it possible to control who accesses what documents are used to be able to establish these differences. This is how document access is limited.
System auditing also makes it possible to know what action which user has performed at all times. EDICOMLta records all operations performed on a document or the environment that houses it, i.e., the software and hardware that make up the service infrastructure.

Yes, so long as the user has access to the documents, he or she can access them at any time and from any device. Only users with permits for the documents or document units may perform actions on the archives.

Metadata, i.e., data which describes other data, is used to associate the information that is key to each document so that it can be classified and retrieved.
All electronic documents are archived on EDICOMLta on the basis of basic metadata that makes it possible to define traceability between them.
Tags can also be used to assign documents to categories and make it easier to search for a document by relating it with other ones. The difference with metadata is that tags are usually adjectives or words that typify certain documents: favorite, confidential, important, to review, etc.,

The platform is housed in EDICOM servers which have been TIER II certified, accrediting redundant infrastructures and analyzing system design, structure, performance, reliability, and reversal.

Yes, a company can have various users active at the same time. It can also assign roles and permits to each user to control their activity with the documents: publish, modify, export, etc.

In the case of electronically archived documents originally on paper, if the aim is to destroy the paper copy the Numérisation fidèle procedure must be employed. This procedure, described in Decree 2016/1673, makes it possible to create a reliable copy with the value of the original via a digitization chain. Once the reliability of the copy can be demonstrated, the original can be destroyed. EDICOM partners up with digitizers for chain compliance and to give copies the presumption of reliability thanks to the use of qualified trust services, thus enabling the destruction of the paper original.

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