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Reliable copy safekeeping in accordance with French Decree 2016-1673

EDICOMLta (Long Term Archiving) is an electronic archiving system with probative value which applies advanced encryption mechanisms such as qualified electronic seals and time stamps authorized under eIEDAS to safeguarded documents.

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How do you digitalize documents with probative value?

In France, Decree 2016-1673 of 5 December on the digitalization of reliable copies establishes a legal framework that supports the increasing number of regulations fostering digitalization in companies. In order for a copy to be recognized as “reliable” and admissible, digitalization must follow the technical processes described in the AFNOR NF Z42-026 standard and:

Digitization of the original and creation of a digital document.

Harvesting of metadata.

Creation of a digitization certificate (digital footprint of the document, OP ID, processing data, etc.).

Integrity guarantee: qualified electronic signature, seal or time stamp (eIDAS) on the document and digital certificate.

Preservation of the reliable copy and certificate for the legal period in an EAS capable of preserving the qualified signature or seal for the long term.

Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS) | A continent-wide opportunity

In the present context of going zero paper, the probative value of digital documents is a fundamental goal for all digital transformation stakeholders.

European Regulation 910/2014 came into force in 2016, providing industry stakeholders with a legal framework to standardize digital trust and allow interoperability among all European Union Member States.

It defines the figure of the Service Trust Provider, a digital trust benchmark, and establishes a legal framework for the services provided by these companies.


Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS) | A continent-wide opportunity

Solution for the digitalization and safekeeping of documents with probative value

EDICOMLta is an electronic archiving system with probative value which uses a qualified electronic seal and qualified time stamp for the certification of documents captured in the system.
The process not only complies with the specifications of French Decree 2016-1673 and the AFNOR NF Z42-026 standard, it also reverses the burden of proof of reliable copies.
How does the solution work?


The digitalization provider performs the process and generates a digital copy of the document, the digital attestation is a file that contains the associated metadata of the document. The digitizer sends the archives to EDICOMLta using a RESTful or API communication protocol.


EDICOM applies the qualified electronic time stamp and qualified electronic seal to all the documents. The digital copy has the same value as the paper copy from then on.


EDICOM safeguards the documents in the EDICOMLta electronic storage service with full integrity guarantees, through eIDAS certification for the preservation of qualified electronic seals which extends the reliability of the electronic seal and therefore the documents throughout the entire preservation period, beyond the technological validity period.


EDICOMLta facilitates and simplifies archive checks and recovery with the associated metadata used to classify documents.


User-friendly app browsing. Access to functionalities is concentrated on two clearly identified environments: an advanced user administration environment and an environment for efficient document management and consultation.

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In an increasingly digital Europe, citizens, companies, and the public sector need a regulatory framework that brings security and legal certainty to electronic activities. These security mechanisms are set forth in Regulation No 910/2014, known as eIDAS. This new regulation brackets electronic documents in the same category as traditional paper ones. It also stresses that to preserve them for the long term it is necessary to have a certified and trusted document safekeeping system.

In this White Paper, we present the new qualified trust services, emphasizing electronic document safekeeping services.


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