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Electronic archiving of tax documents

Electronic storage of tax documents is mandatory in some European countries. Thanks to EDICOMLta, the tax data of declared invoices and the status messages issued by the tax authority are securely safeguarded in the form of electronic archives with probative value.

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Electronic safekeeping of invoices and tax documents

Systems to file electronic VAT statements are starting to become mandatory in countries across Europe. This situation is creating a context whereby thousands of companies need to safeguard the e-documents they issue and the acknowledgements of receipt exchanged with the tax authority. It is very necessary for transactions to be safeguarded in a secure and certified fashion so there is legal proof in the event of an incident or third-party claim.

In some cases, it is necessary because storage with defined technical conditions is part of the technical requirements defined for the system by the administration. In other cases there may be no obligation but it is strongly advisable to store sensitive documents like the VAT statements sent to the competent tax authority under conditions of maximum security and integrity.

Our Electronic Archiving System with probative value is the solution for your tax documents

EDICOMLta (Long Term Archiving) is integrated with the electronic data interchange platform and internal management systems of companies, storing a detailed history of the electronic documents sent to the tax authorities. The dedicated features of our EAS give each VAT document stored in the solution the status of a binding electronic original.

With EDICOMLta, the tax data of declared invoices and status messages issued by the tax authority are safeguarded securely in the form of electronic files. The process involves the application of metadata to enable the classification and identification of issued documents and makes it possible to prioritize and relate exchanged documents. The system provides traceability and enables speedy checking and recovery of any file.

Solution for electronic VAT statements

EDICOM has developed a comprehensive solution designed especially for multinationals. It is a B2B2G electronic communications platform with EDI, compliant e-Invoicing, and VAT Compliance capacity at the global level.

The EDICOM platform simplifies communication processes with tax authorities in multinational environments. It is the solution for companies that operate on different markets with centralized management systems that must be able to handle and send tax documents in accordance with the laws in force in each country.

Our VAT Compliance solution covers the whole of a tax document’s life cycle, from issue to preservation.


Solution for electronic VAT statements

How does EDICOMLta work in the Tax department?

How does EDICOMLta work in the Tax department?

At the same time as the structured file is sent to the corresponding tax authority, it is also sent to EDICOMLta for safekeeping.


The document is archived on the platform together with its previously defined associated metadata. If there are documents like invoices or orders related to the sent tax data, a file is created with all these documents.


In most of those cases where the tax authorities send back a message with the results of the validation system; these notifications may be added with the main tax document in a unique file.


Users can recover and check sent archives at any time, together with the receipts stored along with them.


User-friendly app browsing. Access to functionalities is concentrated on two clearly identified environments: An advanced user administration environment and an environment for efficient document management.

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In an increasingly digital Europe, citizens, companies, and the public sector need a regulatory framework that brings security and legal certainty to electronic activities. These security mechanisms are set forth in Regulation No 910/2014, known as eIDAS. This new regulation brackets electronic documents in the same category as traditional paper ones. It also stresses that to preserve them for the long term it is necessary to have a certified and trusted document safekeeping system.

In this White Paper, we present the new qualified trust services, emphasizing electronic document safekeeping services.


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