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EDICOMLta (Long Term Archiving) is an electronic archiving system with probative value that adapts to the different legal and sectoral policies for electronic document archiving in France and across Europe.

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Electronic archive solutions for any company

Electronic storage is gaining ground over paper and physical filing cabinets. Until now the most reliable way of recovering a signed document was to search for it from among the thousands of sheets of paper a company keeps on file. With electronic storage, documents can be stored, sought, and recovered in a matter of seconds and with full integrity guarantees over time, being able to provide the necessary electronic evidence that will give the stored data probative value.

Electronic storage can cover a wealth of business needs, whether internal requirements arising from inhouse security and storage policies or regulations obliging companies to safeguard certain documents electronically and with very precise technical characteristics.

Within this context and at a global level, when a company chooses a secure electronic document storage system it mainly involves one of three situations:

Electronic archiving solutions - technical standard

There is a regulation describing the possibility/enforceability of storing a document electronically and a well-defined technical standard regarding the way to perform this digital storage.

For example, the Preservation of Reliable Digital Copies in France, or Replacement Preservation in Italy.

Electronic archiving solutions - General regulation

There is a regulation describing the possibility/enforceability of storing a document electronically but no technical standard defining precisely how this preservation should be done.

Usually a series of guidelines and general directions is specified which focuses mainly on guaranteeing document authenticity and integrity throughout the whole of the storage period.

Electronic archiving solutions - International framework

A company needs to electronically safeguard documents whose characteristics mean they are not subject to any technical regulation. However, it wants the storage to adjust to international criteria guaranteeing the validity of the documents if it has to submit them to third parties at any time.

EDICOMLta, a fully compliant EAS

EDICOMLta, a fully compliant EAS

EDICOMLta (Long Term Archiving) is an Electronic Archiving System for documents designed and certified in accordance with the maximum international regulations on digital storage (ISO 14641-1 and eIDAS).

Our digital object storage component safeguards documents with full guarantees of access, recovery, and evidence management so they can objectively demonstrate the integrity of the data stored in the service from the time they were uploaded onto the platform.

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Digital archiving solutions for regulatory compliance

Reliable Electronic Copies

EDICOMLta is an electronic archiving system that complies with French Decree 2016-1673 on the digitalization of reliable copies.

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B2B and B2G Electronic Invoicing

EDICOMLta enables mechanisms to safeguard the invoices exchanged with public and private partners with full integrity and for the time established by law.

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International Compliance

EDICOM has a Legal Observatory on Electronic Archiving that constantly reviews the electronic storage regulations in force around the world to adjust to any electronic data safekeeping project.

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Discovering EDICOMLta: Smart information organization

Introducing EDICOM Long Term Archiving, an electronic arvhiving system that guarantees document integrity, providing your documents with legal value.
During this video, we review the main functionalities offered by EDICOMLta to organize and customize access to information.

Discovering EDICOMLta: Document capture and checking

Get to Know the EDICOMLta functionalities that allow a quick and secure loading, identification and recovery of documents.

Discovering EDICOMLta: The legal auditing of a document

EDICOMLta allows downloading the electronic evidence of a document that shows its integrity over time, giving it the value of legal proof. A piece of proof, or evidence is a file with unaltered information about a document's activity

Discovering EDICOMLta: The experts talk

Our experts explain what a long-term archiving service is and how it can benefit companies EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long-Term Archiving) is the long-term safekeeping service offered by EDICOM as a qualified trust services provider.

Digital archiving solutions to adapt to an organization's inhouse needs

Electronic storage in the Human Resources department

With EDICOMLta, a company's HR department can preserve, archive, and easily check all the documents related with an employee's work history.

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Electronic invoice and tax document storage

EDICOMLta acts as a digital object storage component that integrates with a company's internal or management accounting systems, storing a detailed history of the electronic documents issued to the tax authorities.

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Electronic storage of documents exchanged with the Public Administration

Secure and automated electronic storage with probative value for all invoices and status notifications in the EDICOM digital object storage component.

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Electronic storage of finance documents

Given the huge amount of contractual documents that financial services generate, it is necessary to electronically store them in a way that offers full security and legality guarantees right across Europe.

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News and Resources

In an increasingly digital Europe, citizens, companies, and the public sector need a regulatory framework that brings security and legal certainty to electronic activities. These security mechanisms are set forth in Regulation No 910/2014, known as eIDAS. This new regulation brackets electronic documents in the same category as traditional paper ones. It also stresses that to preserve them for the long term it is necessary to have a certified and trusted document safekeeping system.

In this White Paper, we present the new qualified trust services, emphasizing electronic document safekeeping services.


FAQ on Electronic Document Archiving in France

Amélie Frezier, head of the EDICOM Technology Observatory for ensuring the legal compliance of our electronic archiving system, answers all the questions a company could have concerning an electronic archiving project.

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The Qualified Electronic Signature Guarantees the Highest Level of Security in Digital Operations

In the digital age with the electronic exchange of data, the electronic signature is a mechanism that provides security, integrity […]

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