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Probative value of the documents

EDICOMLta is an electronic archiving system with probative value which uses qualified trust services (eIDAS) to guarantee the integrity of preserved documents. It gives electronic documents not only probative value but also the attribute of reversal of burden of proof right across Europe.

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EDICOMLta is an electronic archiving system with probative value

For companies that engage in electronic transactions with other companies or the public sector involving the exchange of sensitive or confidential information, having a qualified trust service provider ensures that the transaction will be reliable.

It also provides documents with legal and juridical validity, awarding them the category of burden of proof before third parties within the framework of the European Union.

EDICOM’s active role as an eIDAS-certified Qualified Trust Service Provider entails the conduction of permanent audits on uploaded documents in accordance with international regulations (XSADEsLT and ISO14641) and local ones where such laws exist.

All of this with the sole purpose of giving preserved documents the status of electronic originals with burden of proof for use before third party and official requirements.

What does the international regulation say?

An EAS is, by definition, an electronic document safekeeping system that makes it possible to archive, identify, classify, and consult preserved documents. Documents can be preserved suitably and with high security levels but not have the attribute of burden of proof. In order for documents to acquire this value, the electronic archiving system must guarantee document integrity through duly audited and recognized advanced crypto-mechanisms.

In this regard, international laws on electronic data preservation such as the ISO 14641-1 standard describes that for a natural or legal person to be able to demonstrate document integrity in a court process it is necessary to submit the digital audit (book of computer proof or evidence) together with the document’s life cycle.

This audit must be preserved under the same cryptographic protocols as the document. It is also necessary to guarantee the reliability of the digital fingerprint as an integrity mark for the document and for the guarantee to be able to be extended throughout the whole of the preservation period.

How does EDICOMLta attribute probative value to preserved documents?

How does EDICOMLta attribute probative value to preserved documents?

The application captures documents and automatically implements the crypto-mechanisms applied to them when preserved on the platform.


An eIDAS-certified qualified electronic seal and electronic time stamp are applied sequentially. Document integrity is guaranteed with the seal, while time stamping objectively demonstrates the exact moment (date and time) from which the document is preserved.


Electronic time stamps are applied on a recurrent basis (normally every two years) to extend the stamp’s reliability beyond its regular technological validity.


The qualified electronic seal preservation trust service is used in this process. This service is certified by the maximum European authorities as a valid and lawful procedure to extend the technological integrity of a digital document throughout time.

We apply an electronic seal based on XAdES

The XAdES signature is the standard XML signature managed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

XAdES stands for XML Advanced Electronic Signatures and is a series of extensions to XML-DSig recommendations that makes them suitable for advanced digital signatures.

XAdES-XL (extended long-term) adds the certificates themselves and the revocation lists to signed documents to enable future verification even if the original sources (certificate or revocation list check) are not available.

We apply an electronic seal based on XAdES
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