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EDICOM Long Term Archiving main features

EDICOMLta is a certified electronic archiving solution that preserves documents maintaining their long-term integrity. In addition to the legal guarantee, our EAS offers an extensive suite of functionalities that makes it a powerful tool for smart archive classification and safekeeping.

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Discover the functionalities of the EDICOM EAS

EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long term archiving) is the long-term archiving service EDICOM offers as a qualified trust service provider.

EDICOMLta provides a certified platform for the safekeeping of electronic documents throughout the time that companies need it or as determined by the law in each case. The solution guarantees permanent access and full recovery of documents uploaded onto the platform, along with evidence management that makes it possible to demonstrate the integrity of the archived documents.

These are just some of the features of our EAS; however, the adaptation of our technology and expertise in document management and transfer software development has enabled us to design a robust electronic archiving application with multiple functionalities that facilitate document organization and management tasks.


Definition of the types of documents to be archived.


Creation of organizational units that make it possible to organize document access in line with a personalized structure.


Definition, for each document, of a metadata set to facilitate subsequent access to information.


Design of rules for the automatic validation of the metadata associated with the documents.


Document capture on the platform, both interactively (drag n’ drop) and through batch processes that automate uploading via the REST interface provided for integration.


Application of high-level security functions for documents (X-Ades, Conservazione Sostitutiva and NOM 151).


Document searches using different criteria (metadata, tags, periods, dates, etc.). Document exportation, file creation, and personalized search filters.


Retrieval of information and evidence from logged documents.


New platform user creation and document-access permit assignation.


Definition of personalized user roles that optimize and facilitate user management, awarding specific permits to a group of users.


Makes it possible to share documents with third parties through links under communication security protocols.


Establish relationships between different types of documents that nevertheless follow a sequential process. For example, an order with its related delivery note and invoice. This means you can quickly access a single archive with the whole of the history of a business relationship.

Discovering EDICOMLta: Smart information organization

Introducing EDICOM Long Term Archiving, an electronic arvhiving system that guarantees document integrity, providing your documents with legal value.
During this video, we review the main functionalities offered by EDICOMLta to organize and customize access to information.

Discovering EDICOMLta: Document capture and checking

Get to Know the EDICOMLta functionalities that allow a quick and secure loading, identification and recovery of documents.

Discovering EDICOMLta: The legal auditing of a document

EDICOMLta allows downloading the electronic evidence of a document that shows its integrity over time, giving it the value of legal proof. A piece of proof, or evidence is a file with unaltered information about a document's activity

Discovering EDICOMLta: The experts talk

Our experts explain what a long-term archiving service is and how it can benefit companies EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long-Term Archiving) is the long-term safekeeping service offered by EDICOM as a qualified trust services provider.

Featured characteristics of the EDICOM electronic archiving system

Document accessibility:

Archives are safeguarded on the platform on the basis of metadata that make it possible to identify and establish a hierarchy between them, facilitating subsequent document checking or retrieval.

Document audit:

The archives’ electronic signature and seals are submitted to regular control processes to uphold the integrity and authenticity attributes they provide. This permanent audit also monitors each user’s interactions with the safeguarded documents.

Access to legal proof:

The system makes it possible to recover preserved documents easily. It also lets you access and download an archive with the electronic audit certifying long-term data integrity and authenticity to demonstrate legal validity before third parties.

Third-party app integration:

EDICOMLta can be integrated with a company's internal management systems and EDICOM’s EDI and Electronic Invoicing solutions, automating the safekeeping and preservation of these electronic documents.

Document hierarchy:

EDICOMLta makes it possible to safeguard the complete cycle each electronic document has followed. For example, in a business relationship, the electronic invoice is archived and linked to the order and shipping notice. All these documents will be accessible from any of the links.

Data reversibility:

Being able to retrieve all data batches is a necessity that companies face. That's why EDICOM guarantees the recovery and transfer of all archived documents and evidence such as signatures, time stamps, archive life cycle records, events records, etc.

Legal Conformity:

Electronic archives are preserved under technical conditions governed by Regulation No 910/2014, known as eIDAS, the most demanding legislation with a Europe-wide scope of application on electronic archiving.

Technological infrastructure:

Archives are safeguarded under a high-availability model based on the redundancy of any component or service. In practice, this translates into the availability of two data centers located in different physical facilities and which operate in a synchronized fashion via a permanent replication of resources.

News and Resources

In an increasingly digital Europe, citizens, companies, and the public sector need a regulatory framework that brings security and legal certainty to electronic activities. These security mechanisms are set forth in Regulation No 910/2014, known as eIDAS. This new regulation brackets electronic documents in the same category as traditional paper ones. It also stresses that to preserve them for the long term it is necessary to have a certified and trusted document safekeeping system.

In this White Paper, we present the new qualified trust services, emphasizing electronic document safekeeping services.


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