11/12/2018 (Updated on: 25/01/2019)

Electronic archiving is a system intrinsic to the digitalization of processes in any organization. It arose from the need to safeguard and archive documents, data and other files securely and, in many cases, depending on their nature (e-invoices, contracts …), subject to legal requirements. But it also forms part of the organizational system of businesses moving towards paperless management and which require protocols and an automation system that provides added value.

EDICOM, company specialized in EDI technology, has created an electronic data safekeeping solution, EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long term archiving), developed on the basis of experience in electronic data exchange processes and adapted to the needs of digitization. In EDICOMLta, different sectors have found an electronic data archiving system that covers diverse operational needs.

To get to know the features of EDICOMLta in depth, you can access these tutorial videos in which, in just three minutes, the benefits and advantages of having this long-term e-archiving solution are explained interactively. In addition, you can view the solution interface, totally intuitive, which guides you through all the possibilities it offers through a simple configuration.

What will you find in these links?

Video 1. The advantages of a system that lets you administer information, configuring the environment in line with the company’s needs, for example:

  • Type of documents to be archived.
  • Management and control of the administrative units that will be accessing the information (legal department, accountancy, human resources, etc.).
  • Defining metadata important for the classification and retrieval of documents, as well as for linking to the organizational units that can access the document.
  • User creation and management: level of permissions and accessibility to the application, degree of interaction with the documents (reading, writing, exporting, etc.).

Video 2. A guide to the process of how to upload and query documents in the environment, as well as the customized access options:

  • Tag the document as favourite, downloading or sharing it with a third party with security measures.
  • Easily locate any document by means of preset or specific attributes.
  • Create and automate personalized queries through multiple advanced search criteria, using the filters option.
  • Perform quick calculation operations from the metadata of documents.

Video 3. A key feature of EDICOMLta, legal auditing of documents, through constant tracking of evidence:

  • Ensures integrity of documents, granting them value as legal evidence.
  • Quickly compiles the proofs – a file with univocal information on the activity of a document – that make up the audit of a document.
  • Computerized evidence, digital signatures or the validation report offered by the system constitute legal proof in the event of litigation.

Why is EDICOMLta the best long-term e-archiving system option?

  1. Trusted third party. EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long-Term Archiving) is the long-term safekeeping service offered by EDICOM as a qualified trust services provider.
  2. Legal compliance. Electronic files are archived under the technical conditions governed by Regulation Nº 910/2014, known as eIDAS, the most stringent legislation in the European e-archiving scope.
  3. Integration with applications.  EDICOMLta can be integrated with in-house corporate management systems or with Edicom’s EDI and e-invoicing solutions, automating the archiving and safekeeping of these e-documents.