The storage of electronic documents is a fundamental aspect to which special attention must be paid. Managing storage correctly guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the documents. If the documents have been stored by a qualified trust services provider, they have the rank of electronic originals with authenticity and legal validity, placing them in the category for burden of proof for third parties.

The digital storage of documents and their legal certainty are two aspects that concern both companies and public administrations in a context in which the digitalization of documents and the electronic exchange of them is imposed to the detriment of paper. When dealing with critical information, having a qualified service provider guarantees reliable transactions and secure digital documentation storage with burden of proof value. This would be the best option for the legal storage of electronic documents.

EDICOM is a qualified provider of trust services and has the required certifications and the necessary technical capacity to provide electronic transactions and mechanisms with confidence such as the electronic signature, the time stamp, certified electronic delivery services, and etc. In addition, EDICOM provides long-term secure storage services.

The trust service provider is included in Regulation No. 910/2014 regarding electronic identification and confidence services for electronic transactions in the internal market. This European regulation, known as eIDAS, has been applied since July 2016 and its purpose is to offer a legal framework that makes members of society confident about the transactions that take place in online environments between companies, citizens and the Public Sector.

To ensure secure interactions, eIDAS regulates different aspects such as identification mechanisms when accessing online services or carrying out electronic transactions, like the electronic signature or the time stamp.

Presumption of reliability of the documents held in EDICOMLta

To preserve the legal conditions of documents and files processed by qualified trust services, it is necessary to have secure digital storage.

EDICOM has developed the EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long Term Archiving) service.

What does having the EDICOMLta service mean?

Among its features is that it allows users: to classify, archive and consult documents through a certified platform to keep electronic documents safe during the period of time required by companies or to determine legislation in each case.

The service guarantees the authentification of origin, integrity, confidentiality and inalterability of stored documents. Any document preserved with the EDICOMLta service acquires a presumption of reliability by default. At the request of a judicial authority, the burden of proof can be reversed, in such a way that it should be the other party that has to demonstrate that the document presented together with its report of conservation evidence is not complete, nor reliable.

How does it work?

  1. The EDICOMLta service applies the methods of identification, digital signatures and electronic time stamps expected in the eIDAS regulation.
  2. The documents stored in the system are subjected to permanent audits by a third party of trust, in this case EDICOM, to safeguard electronic documents. These audits are carried out in accordance with international standards (XSADEsLT and ISO14641) and local standards if there is legislation in this regard, such as Conservazione Sostitutiva in Italy or NOM151 in Mexico.
  3. The solution guarantees permanent access and the recovery of 100% of the documents loaded on the platform as well as the management of evidence that demonstrates the integrity of stored documents.
  4. EDICOMLta allows users to download files with electronic audits that certify the integrity and authenticity of the data in terms of time, to demonstrate its legal validity before third parties.

In short, the EDICOMLta service, the application of qualified trust services and the record of each interaction with the documents in custody act as legal evidence for any procedure, thereby increasing the legal security of the company.