05/11/2018 (Updated on: 25/01/2019)

Payroll, tax returns or reports for the tax authorities. These are just three examples of the documentation handled by company Human Resources departments on a daily basis. The working life of company employees gives rise to a large volume of files that need to be properly archived for a long period of time. The problem is that nowadays it is common to find a combination of digital documents, archived without security measures in the company’s own in-house servers, and, on the other hand, documents on paper, stored by traditional means.

This heterogeneity of formats (digital and physical) hampers traceability among the documents making up the file on a single employee. As a result, document management by the Human Resources department is inefficient, as it hinders even the simplest tasks, such as payroll delivery. The situation becomes even more serious in line with company growth; the bigger the company, the larger the data volume.

EDICOMLta: The solution

Improving the productivity and document management of HR departments calls for safekeeping with legal assurances which is efficient, secure and preserves document integrity. It is also indispensable to maintain traceability between the different files on the same employee in order to streamline management.

Taking these features into account, EDICOM has developed the EDICOMLta e-Archiving Solution. This is a platform that unifies electronic document management and groups all the files on the same employee into our unique and centralized archive.

The EDICOMLta solution preserves the e-documents, which maintain the same legal validity as their paper counterparts. In other words, they may be used as required by the authorities or third parties in the event of litigation. This is possible because EDICOM is accredited as a Certification Authority and implements data safekeeping processes in accordance with XADEsLT and ISO 14641.

In addition, to boost efficiency, the platform integrates with other Human Resources technology solutions. One of them is B@M Payrolls, which allows confidential e-delivery of workers’ wages.  In this case, EDICOMLta is responsible for automatically saving the file and its digitally signed receipt acknowledgement. 

How does EDICOMLta work?

  • The solution is integrated with the client’s ERP or internal management system. This way it is possible to archive huge batches of documents under worker ID efficiency criteria. In addition, it is possible to upload files manually with a drag-and-drop system.
  • Next, the e-signature and time stamp are applied to the archived files, two qualified trust services recognised by the EU. This ensures document integrity and authenticity.
  • A traceability system is created which unifies all an employee’s documents in a single electronic file. To do so, the files are classified with a metadata structure, agreed with the company, which includes the worker’s ID.
  • The employee receives notice to download the document via a secure link. Moreover, each worker has a private environment where they can access their file whenever necessary. Nevertheless, each action taken on the documents (viewing or downloading) is recorded as evidence.

–> Download our free white paper on EDICOMLta and electronic safekeeping, in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.