23/11/2018 (Updated on: 18/02/2019)

Digital transformation entails assuming changes in business management, realigning work methods, and strategizing to leverage new technology implementation. e-Archiving is a key part of this process because it delivers on the ultimate objective of dematerialization, towards which the society of the future is heading, and which is intrinsic to digital transformation.

e-Archiving is not a file hosting service. Today it covers many different factors, including legality, efficiency, competitiveness, security, and more, and getting onboard with an e-Archiving solution brings added value to an enterprise that is finalizing its data and document management process. No company can be considered to have implemented a true digital transformation without including e-archiving in the management of the information it produces in its environment.

The present move toward zero-paper, especially in Europe, is being spearheaded by government agencies that use e-invoicing for their suppliers and e-tax compliance for enterprises.  In the case of e-Invoicing and depending on the laws of each country, documents must be kept for a certain period and under specific circumstances (digital signatures, e-time stamps, etc.). The public administration, which aspires to achieve the e-government model, fosters guaranteed document archiving and retention.

The benefits of digitization compel enterprises to expand the process to their other internal and external relations. e-Archiving can be applied to any type of digital or digitized document that is critical for a company. It covers invoices, contracts, pay rolls, etc., making it a meaningful solution for different corporate departments such as accounts, HR, legal affairs…

EDICOM has developed a long-term electronic archiving solution, EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long term archiving), which ensures document retention and non-corruption and access to data over time.

EDICOMLta also offers other competitive edges based on taking documents digital and archiving them electronically to optimize information and general business management.

Benefits of EDICOMLta e-Archiving

Organizational. By customizing the solution environment to your business needs you can, depending on the type of documents to preserve, specify matters such as:

  • The administrative areas that will have access to the information (legal department, accounts, HR, etc.).
  • The level of permits and accessibility to the application.
  • The level of interaction with documents (read-only, write, export, and more).

Production. e-Archiving is a much more productive way of safeguarding information because:

  • Part of the archiving process is automated. The EDICOMLta solution can be integrated with your internal management systems or with EDICOM’s EDI and Electronic Invoicing solutions, automating e-document safekeeping and preservation;
  • Subsequent checking is easier to access because the document has been stored with a metadata system that facilitates the checking and immediate retrieval of information with a simple search performed from a private web environment available 24×7.

Legal. Document retention is carried out by implementing the technical specifications of different international regulations and considering local laws, thus ensuring the company complies with the law wherever it operates.

Security. The digital transformation has brought with it other challenges such as cybersecurity. Although intangible files may at first seem riskier to protect than physical ones, the development of a legal framework and digital technology protect information and ensure its integrity.

  • Certificates. EDICOM is certified as a qualified trust service provider in line with the eIDAS And EDICOMLta is the long-term certified electronic archiving service that EDICOM offers as a qualified trust service provider.

This certification ensures that EDICOM is a tech provider with the required certifications and necessary technical capability to provide electronic transactions with trust mechanisms like a digital signature, electronic seal, electronic time stamp, and electronic delivery service. Altogether, this not only protects information but equates electronic documents with traditional paper ones and gives them legal and juridical validity before third parties.

  • All electronic documents managed with the EDICOMLta service are stored in parallel fashion in two EDICOM data centers with their respective backup copies. The two data centers are located in different physical facilities although they operate in synchronization and uphold permanent real-time resource and data duplication. This ensures high security conditions and 99.9% availability.

Discover all the benefits of EDICOMLta with these tutorial videos.

In short, as the digital transformation entails operating with digital data and documents, e-archiving is essential to their proper management. Having a solution and trusted tech provider will bring major added value to enterprise management. And remember: doing away with paper is first and foremost an important part of environmental improvement and secondly cuts the costs involved with printing and physical storage.