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EDICOM is a multinational specializing in electronic data transfer technology such as, for example, electronic invoicing and electronic data interchange (EDI). We have offices in eight countries from where we provide our services to more than 15,000 customers around the world.

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More than 20 years at the leading edge of technology

At EDICOM we work to facilitate connectivity and interoperability between companies, making their business relations more efficient in a world which is moving toward business digital transformation.

We believe that the value of a company resides in its people. EDICOM’s driving force is our specialized personnel who enable us to take on projects at the international level.

International benchmark in cross-border B2B2G solutions

We are a company specializing in electronic data integration (EDI) solution development which has been operating internationally since 1995. We provide services to foster e-commerce models between companies the world over.

We roll out proprietary and groundbreaking tech solutions adapted to the needs of companies and the challenges thrown up by the digital economy. We provide cloud services in SaaS mode that let companies outsource complex systems and infrastructures entailing the implementation of electronic document transfer projects.

More than 500 dedicated professionals working on international projects in over 70 countries.

EDICOM Certified Provider: Guaranteed and certified security

EDICOM has renowned accreditations certifying and guaranteeing security in e-document capture and preservation processes and their reassurance over time.

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Over 15,000 customers around the world place their trust in our zero paper solutions.

EDICOM in the world: Where are we?

EDICOM in the world: Where are we?

International benchmark in B2B technology

8 offices

+ 15.000 clients

+ 500 employees

+ 70 countries active projects

Discovering EDICOMLta: Smart information organization

Introducing EDICOM Long Term Archiving, an electronic arvhiving system that guarantees document integrity, providing your documents with legal value.
During this video, we review the main functionalities offered by EDICOMLta to organize and customize access to information.

Discovering EDICOMLta: Document capture and checking

Get to Know the EDICOMLta functionalities that allow a quick and secure loading, identification and recovery of documents.

Discovering EDICOMLta: The legal auditing of a document

EDICOMLta allows downloading the electronic evidence of a document that shows its integrity over time, giving it the value of legal proof. A piece of proof, or evidence is a file with unaltered information about a document's activity

Discovering EDICOMLta: The experts talk

Our experts explain what a long-term archiving service is and how it can benefit companies EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long-Term Archiving) is the long-term safekeeping service offered by EDICOM as a qualified trust services provider.

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Take 3 minutes to find out all the features and benefits of our EDICOMLta long-term archiving system

Discover its interface, totally intuitive, which guides you through all the possibilities it offers through a simple configuration.

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